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Defence Services Asia 2012 (50 photos)

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From 16-19th April 2012, the 13th Defence Services Asia (DSA 2012) had been held in Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur.

So, here are some photos at the event..50 photos including the above picture..if not clear, click CTRL+left click (the image will open in new tab)

p/s: for the veterans/senior in military, there might be some photos that if i show on the Net, i might be, please contact me at fahmifaiz[dot]islam[at]gmail[dot]com
so that i can remove the image..TQ

Deftech AV4

Trabzon Gun Industry Corp from Turkey

sniper rifle 20x42mm

night vision goggle

House of Flying Dagger :D

Tank made from Turkey

Inside the tank

swimsuit for search and rescue troops (underwater search party)

ration (food in packets) for use in battlefield..

surface to air missile

precision guided missile

Toshiba/Panasonic Toughbook (being sprayed with water)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

From Germany With Love

a helicopter from Agusta Westland company

Oakley glasses also had its own booth

modern version of M-16

there are many type of bullets

smoke grenade/smoke bomb

at the front is for indoor use,
at the back is for outdoor use (slightly taller)

RAFALE International poster

Renault Trucks for military use

elite troops (Rejimen Gerak Khas) performing demonstrations

heat-sensor camera

earphone for military use, can filter all the outside noise, voice commands can be heard clearly
These are more powerful than Beats by dr.dre earphones.. ;D

-can be submerged 60meters underwater
-can be used in explosive environments
-able to withstand extreme temperature up to 350 degree Celsius 

Defence Service Asia is a biannual event.
So, for those who dont have the chance to visit DSA 2012, 
dont forget to visit the 14th DSA in 2014... =)

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hanim syazira said...

So interesting event.. excited nk pegi DSA 2016 pnya..


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