Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I Want To Take BIOLOGY ??


Tadi aku belek2 bagasi yg tersimpan bawah katil aku...dah lama tak bukak, sejak awal Semester 2 lagi...skang ni aku dah masuk Semester 4...lama gila kan..haha

Baju-baju penuh dlm beg tu..aku pon dah lupa bahawa aku ada baju2 dlm beg tu..ingat kn kosong je...huhu

By the way, aku nak citer psl satu karangan/essay yg aku jumpa tyme belek2 bagasi tuh...esei yg seorang lecturer Biology, Sir Ilman suruh tulis tyme zaman matrikulasi dulu...aku pon pelik cmne bleh ada ngn aku,,rasa nye dah hantar kt lecturer tuh...emmm,,mungkin aku tak hantar kot...hehe

Ni gambar2 asal kertas karangan tuh...

klik utk tumbesaran gambar

klik utk tumbesaran gambar

Ok, ni adalah apa yang aku case you cannot see clearly in the pictures...

       My name is Muhammad Fahmi Faiz bin Mohd Rosli. I was born at Hospital Besar Ipoh, Perak. I obtained my first education at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampong Pasir Puteh, Ipoh, Perak. Then, I moved to Kelantan at the age of 10 because my mother who works as a teacher is ordered to serve at Kelantan. I obtained 5A's in my UPSR examination and managed to further my study at MRSM Kuala Krai, Kelantan. There, I involved in Choral Speaking team and taekwondo team. With the result of 8A's in the PMR, I further my study at MRSM Taiping, Perak and able to get 5A's and 4B's in my SPM. After several months of holiday, I was offered a place at Kolej MARA Kulim and now I am taking Biology as one of my major Matriculation subjects at Kolej MARA Kulim.

       First of all, I want to study Biology because I want to become a pharmacist. The job of a pharmacist is to prescribe pills and medicines that he or she needs to take. This job is quite a hard job because a pharmacist must be able to prescribe his patients with the correct dose. One small mistake maybe become very dangerous to the patient.

       At Kolej MARA Kulim, I join the Conservation of Biodiversity Club. The wildlife in Malaysia such as elephants, Malayan tigers, and other species are almost become extinct. That is why I took Biology as I want to know these animals closer in their habitat. That is also why I joined the Conservation of Biodiversity Club, so that I could find a way to prevent these endangered species from extinction.

           Beside that, the oil spillage that occured recently had worried many scientists, marine biologists and many more non-profit organizations. They fear that the oil spillage would affect the fish, coral reefs and many more sea creatures. If I know how to save these aquatic creatures from these catastrophe, I will be very grateful. I want to be a part of that solution.

         When I learned the Biology subject in Form 4 and Form 5, I can and know how to take care of my health because of the knowledge that I learnt in Biology. I manage to maintain my body health in order to be as fit as a fiddle. I want to further my study in this subject in order to keep my body healthy and in a good shape.

           As a conclusion, I know my decision to take Biology is a correct choice. Based on the reasons stated above, that is why I chose Biology for my Matriculation subject.

Haha, ayat berterabur...cuti after SPM kan, English pon ingat2 lupa dah...lalala~

Wassalam =)

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