Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Update Payment via

You Won a Bid  at Lelong, Here's How to Complete Your Transaction Online.

Here's how the steps and work flow. If is now compulsory for all buyers to update payment info online, or else, our seller will not know you have paid them, it will cause delivery delay.

Sellers are required to ensure all your bank account information is updated.

(i). Steps to Complete Your Bidding

After Auction Closed :

1. Buyer required to confirm shipping address.
This is the link ( My Winning Bid)

2. In most cases, our system will auto confirm shipping charges and send you seller's bank account for payment. (the same bank info will be presented online).

3. Bidder paid, and pls update payment info online.
Look for the item you win and paid, and follow our screen shoot below to update payment information.

4. We will then inform seller you had paid, payment info will present to them as well.

5. Seller will be required to update delivery info to bidder upon shipping the item.

(ii). Detail Screen - How Buyer Update Payment Info / Slip to Seller:

As a buyer, after you updated your payment to our system, we will send an e-mail to seller informing him that you have paid and they can delivery to you.

We will send your delivery address and your payment details (only if it is in text). If you uploading picture or files, we will request seller to check it online.

(iii) What If Seller Have Not Send Item To Me ?

You can use our reminder to remind seller that you have paid, but have not received goods. Pls refer below how to use the reminder. However, you need to make sure you have update payment online.

We need this information to handle any complaint files by buyers or sellers. Effective January 1st 2008, we no more taking any complait if the status of the transaction are shown unpaid and no payment info.

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