Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Girl (um, should it be 'Several Girls'?)

Assalamualaikum & a very good morning,

I used to read about this quote/saying...i'm sure you know it also or maybe even heard of it..

"Behind every successful man, there is a woman"

based on above picture, it's true...without the woman at the back..there's no way the truck can move..hehe
The woman 'balanced' the truck, so that it wouldn't fall down...

Is that quote really true? Well, i used to make fun of that...

I told that, the real function of a woman is there is because she wants to spend all of the successful man's money :D

Well, the answer is..true AND not true..

TRUE, because every girls are materialistic...don't deny it, we all know that..maybe it's not on the outside, maybe it's deep inside you...but it's still there :P

NOT TRUE, because....urm, i don't know.. (i stop writing for more than 15minutes, and i can't think of any reason...sorry)

picture for 'decoration' only..not promoting or whatsoever

But today i realised that my whole life, i'm depending on at least one girl/woman...

When i'm being born, of course my mom delivered me..

Then, most of my school's time...i spend my time teasing the girls in my class..well, normal right? At least i'm always in the Top 3 in my, no problem..

When i'm at Kolej MARA Kulim, in my Tutorial H4 class, we had only 2 boys & more than 8, we boys got lucky to sit in biology class ;D

At Ramadhan month in 2010, I know an Ibanese girl from facebook, and i try to seduce (mengayat) her..i try to learn her i can speak & write Iban language a little..

And, when i'm in university...i get motivated to attend the class because of one girl...just like today, if not because of her..i will not borrow my junior's fixie bike just to attend Microcontroller class..
Well, at least i can see her mosquito's cardigan :D
#sakit bontot woo naik fixie,seat keras, fixed gear..nasib baik laju...

And, one more thing...just now, at Micro-C class..i copied my classmates (girl) tutorial..right in front of lecturer's nose..and i know, he noticed me doing that...
Prof. Madya Rahman, you're the best :D

*credit to Halimahtul Sadiah..i copied your tutorial & correct the resistor thingy..must connect micro-c to resistor first, before connect to 7-segment.. :)

#today is 14 March...14/3 ;)
and my 'sister' asked me not to deactivate my FB so long, so i decided that i'm on again...but i really enjoy not on FB.. :(

OK, that's it...tata for now.. 

Wassalam =)

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