Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wanna Have Some Coffee, Officer?


So, actually i'm googling something about 'why girl likes boy'...yada,yada, something like that... (why in the world would I tell u what i'm googling? :P )

The search result turn out to be good though...i never thought that somebody else too would want to know something that i want to know...yeah, curiosity unites us all :D

Btw, thanks again to uncle Google and his/its associates...a lot of pictures i gain by using ur service... ^_^
Imagine life without Google or any search engines (to be general) assignments can be informations about the outside world...totally the Malays said, 
"Kehidupan seperti katak bawah tempurung"

Whoa, back to our main topic...after i clicked several links that appeared in the search result, some of the links direct me to the AnswerBag site..where u can post any question and other user will answer it for u...very interesting...just like the

So, i've got my answer for what i am looking for...then something catch my eye...someone post a thread about....

What NOT to say to a police officer when pulled over?

Hmm, quite useful since my L licence has expired...and i dont know when to further my study into P licence...huhu


Very interesting and funny answers they've got...when i first read them, i was like LOL and ROFL (okey, i'm on my bed...not on the floor) 

Here are some of their answers...get ready to laugh your heads off... :DD

Q: What NOT to say to a police officer when pulled over?


-You freeze

-F**k You, and your ticket, I pay your Salary!

-heyyyy, you're a public servant, GET ME A GLASS OF WATER..

-No! YOU get down on the ground!


-Cut me a break, officer...I'm high! 

-Shouldnt you be at the donut shop?


-If I give you $'ll tear the ticket up right? I hear your known for that..

-When he walks up and shines a flashlight at you, shine your flashlight in his face and say "How many drinks have you had tonight officer?"

-I'm not drunk 'Ossiffer'..

-I'll have your BADGE!!!

 -I can't get my licence out of the glovebox. The drugs will fall out!

-Would you want a donut or two? I know you want them,rite? ;D


Want to see another answers? Feel free to visit this link:




Thanks for reading... =) 

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