Saturday, February 11, 2012

My First Holga 120GCFN

Assalamualaikum & peace to all readers,

Nothing much to say,,just want to say that my first wishlist is halfway done :D

You can read the first wishlist here :)

Now, what i'm expecting in the wishlist is a Holga 120CFN...well, i try searching at and found a 120FN..the difference is that 120CFN has color filter built-in at its flash, meanwhile 120FN only have normal flash (without color filter)

Cut it short, i dont get the camera...someone else bought it the price of RM100 ( USD 33)

And a few days ago, i search again at Mudah..found a superb Holga 120GCFN..which means it has color filter + flash + glass lens..most Holga only have plastic lens which make them this one with the same price of RM100...nice one,huh? ;D

Now, that's my first today, i went out to Kangar to buy some film for this cam..the camera only use 120 film, which is quite large compared to 35mm film..

Inside Holga (the battery & film compartment)

the film already wounded in the camera

The average 35mm film is this one

Back in my childhood days, my family use a lot of these kind of film in their analogue camera..but i never get the chance to hold one of the film (i'm still a kid)

And now, i'm using 120 film..the pics below

This is the film i bought at Kangar today..Fujicolor film (expired), bought at Kedai Gambar Oskar with price of RM12 (USD 4). I bought two. =)

The below is Kedai Gambar, not this one :P

Below is the packaging of the film and the actual film

My Holga can take 12 and 16 pictures, based on what mask size i fit into the film compartment ~ one for 16 frames/picture with size 6 x 4.5cm each per roll and the other 12 frames of 
6 x 6cm...but sadly, i only have 1 mask, the 16..but its ok, i can take more pics :D

After learn from the 'tokey gambar' on how to fit the film..i wandered around Kangar to search for any interesting subject...

Only got 9 pictures, 7 more pictures to go with this film..the 10th frame is ready..u can look at the red part, the number 10 (upside down) indicates that the 10th frame is ready..

For almost 2 hours, searching Kangar and got to take 9 pictures..not much. If i'm on digital camera, i might as well get 20-30 pictures or more...but when it comes to analog, i must save the film on the most interesting scenes..cant afford to waste the film..quality of the picture is important.. :P

Found some cute girls and amoi..but not dare to ask becoming my model...lalala~ 

So, i end up with cars, building, rivers, some monuments using B-exposure and normal..

Well, i will update the result when finished developing the films.. 

Ok, bye

Wassalam =)

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